Welcome at Club Ceramic

Welcome to Club Ceramic! Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles. With the help of our devoted tile designers, we create unique combination of colour & distinctive designs to fulfill the changing needs of the market.

We are equipped with the latest innovative technology in our facilities and all our products are manufactured within international standards.  We have experience serving European & North American market since more than 10 years.

We could be a simple tile company but we decided to extend our impact on the world to a whole other level. Or first mission is, and will always remain, to provide the best quality of tiles at the best prices and help you build the beautiful places you have in mind. However, we decided to do things differently. We decided to do things right.


Quality is a primordial virtue to achieve success. Quality means honesty. Quality means delivered on time. Quality means long lasting beautiful tiles you will want to keep in your home for a life time. All of this at the best prices on the market. Quality comes first to us, and we know it does to you. Don’t compromise, choose us.


Here at club ceramic, we perceive people we do business with as family. We are always looking for new alliances and ways to expand our horizons to take better care of our clients. Taking care of you is a priority, before, during and after sales. We own the factories and treat our tile makers with respect. Everyone deserves to be treated equally! By choosing our product, you are making a choice to support people’s rights and stand by one of the most important values of all : respect.

The Planet

We are proud to present you a product that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and somewhat recycled. By choosing our product, you make a conscientious choice to respect the environment.

Your Wallet

Let’s just cut to the chase. At this quality level, we have the best prices the on the market and we are not afraid to say it. Choosing options with the best integrity usually comes with a cost. However, we decided to keep our manufacturer’s prices. We want to make our beautiful product available to everyone. We work with our clients to find the best price match to fit inside their budget. Your mind at peace is a priority for us, and we want to take you there.