Welcome to Club Ceramic! Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles. With the help of our devoted tile designers, we create a unique combination of color & distinctive designs to fulfill the changing needs of the market.

We are equipped with the latest innovative technology in our facilities and all our products are manufactured within international standards.  We have experience serving European & North American market since more than 10 years.

We could be a simple tile company but we decided to extend our impact on the world to a whole other level. Or first mission is, and will always remain, to provide the best quality of tiles at the best prices and help you build the beautiful places you have in mind. However, we decided to do things differently. We decided to do things right.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to make homes and work places excellent by delivering high quality tiles and tiling solution to the world. We deliver world Class Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles To Meet The Demand Of Domestic & International Market.
Our Vision
At Club Ceramic, Constant efforts are made to create new design and patterns every season. It is our way of staying up to date with the world trends and coming up with outstanding tiles that meet the taste of modern consumers.
Core Value
Quality is not just a word for Club Ceramic: It is a value. And like you, we have never compromised on quality.Simply contact us with your detailed requirement and we commit you to endow best and we won't let you down.
Our Process
Our products would be long lasting, as they would be manufacturing in state of the fully automatic Italian machinery and under the observation to technical and qualified team.



The Ultimate Revelation Of Porcelain Tiles Flooring

Excellent products

Excellent products, nice welcome, very good after sales services, if needed. We did not need to look elsewhere, therefore, saving time, energy, not to mention very reasonable prices, I would say, unbeatable


Great selection of Products

Really great selection of Products. They have good quality and a wide selection of porcelain tiles!!


Direct Factory Price

Really surprised to know about their pricing and quality, lowest price in the market!!

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